30 April 2011

Ghost signs Melbourne #3 : The Lonesome Road

Ballarat Road, Footscray

It was indeed a lonesome road in the wild wild west – of Melbourne – where this offer of folk and coffee hovered above a deserted shop front. A forlorn and lonely ghost indeed.
ghost signs melbourne


  1. This was actually a community center in the 1950s
    Not sure why it was named "Lonesome Rd"
    See http://www.pow.org.au/2010/02/09/a-local-residents-request-to-mcc-councillors-to-retain-maidstone-hall-as-community-use/

  2. There's another sign starting to show under the LRFCL as it slowly wears away. The only word I think I can make out is "Frosty". Drive past this building every day and totally love it.