7 June 2011

Ghost signs Melbourne #5 : A walk in the dark

Cnr of Fenwick and Lygon Streets, North Carlton

She had the kind of face that said my life would be a dream if only I could open my eyes. The kind of face you sometimes see floating around these streets you just get this urge to lean across and scratch. Ok, so maybe that sounds nasty – but truly it's not – because really all I want is to sink my hand into the sweetness of that cheek and take a scoop. And then I would just walk away – this big smile on my face – cos all I can taste is strawberries. Christ, for a face like that I’d give up breathing and tuck away my nose, if only I knew she’d wrap me up in her skirt and cart me home. Now I know that to look at me you wouldn’t think it, what with my legs and funny ears, but I fold-up really small, as compact as a pea that you could roll inside a pocket or your shoe. Why, she could prop me in a cupboard, just like a rabbit or a doll. Or maybe she would lay me down inside a drawer. Because my knees fold flat, my head this little spigot and if my arms will not fit, well, I won’t need them, let's simply store them away. For what a life this would be, so warm and snug amongst the sheets and the teatowels. With small shavings of wood collecting between my toes from when she opens the drawer each night to say hello; and to look at me – her special pet – lying in these fields of lavendar.


  1. All your finds are real gems!

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